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Businessmen wearing their elegant suits and ties are, nonetheless, the descendants of the Middle Ages merchants who found this city at the crossroad of several trade roads, a city that had resisted in place since the times when the legendary Charlemagne crossed the river. And the famous Frankfurt fairs are truly the oldest in the world. The most amazing of them is definitely Romer, which hosts the municipal council.

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The remarkable ruins of Eschenheimer Tor, the meter high vehicule varicose review, date back to the 15th century. The itinerary of the tourist who is always ready to taste the charm of places made noble by the testimonies of times long ago must necessarily include a quiet halt at the History Museum.

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And if you can find the time for a special collection of personal pictures, vehicule varicose review ascending the Main Tower, up to the observation platform on the 56th floor.

Goetheplatz, Goethe Strasse, Goethe Universitat And the oldest, as it was first held in ! Every year, all the people spending their life in the wonderful universe of printed books, from writers and editors to fans and agents, from amazing art directors to prestigious publishers, put the famous Frankfurt Book Fair on the first page of their agenda of priorities.

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Goetheplatz, People are proud of their fellow citizen, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, who was born here in The house where he was born, unfortunately destroyed by World War II bombs, were rebuilt based on the original and welcomesvisitors every year.

The spirit of a city can be captured, especially by the connoisseurs, not only by going out hunting in its streets full of tradition, but also by having a seat, for a few hours, in a comfortable armchair of a performance hall, where the music of its soul can be heard at its best.

The first-class cultural institutions that will open their gates of sounds to you include the Ballet Company and the Rheingau Music Festival, which brings several world-famous artists on stage.

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